Welcome to Ruminant BioTech

We were founded with the mission to solve the global methane emissions problem caused by ruminant animals. Livestock methane emissions represent one of the largest unaddressed sources of greenhouse gases, drawing significant attention from governments and corporations worldwide. To tackle this issue, we have developed a slow-release device known as a bolus. This device is designed to remain in the cow’s stomach for up to six months, effectively reducing methane emissions during that period.


of all Green House Gas emissions globally are from agriculture


total agriculture emissions comes from methane from ruminant animal digestion


trials to date of our bolus show over 70% methane knockdown over 3 months

We’re changing the game in the greenhouse gas emissions from ruminant animals

We believe in Science to solve a global challenge

By 2030, we aim to have 100 million cows around the world using our bolus and be able to deliver approximately 10 mega tons of methane emissions reduction every year.

A well-planned, rigorous clinical research and product development programme is underway and is making excellent progress as we work towards commercialisation and launch in 2025